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Counter Strike Source Lineup Confirmed!

The lineup has finally be confirmed for Tactical Chaos Team.

It consists of 6 talented players (2 UK, 2 Iceland, 1 German and 1 NL) who are driving the team to the best it can possibly be, I personally have high hopes for us and genuinely do think we can do damage against good/top teams as we already have.

Everything is running smoothly in the 1 and a half month we have been together, we are constantly improving and stratting on a daily basis so heres hoping for a long lasting time with tct.


Dave "Tehzman" King

TacticalChaosTeam Lineup:

Harry "haNz" Kolga
Da­i "Syntex" Ëlason
Brendan "reapoxide" De Grote
Dustin "DuDe" Gro▀mann
Justin "Smugz" Roux
Alexander "HEJHEJ HUNDENE" Gu­mundsson

Statement from Justin "Smugz" Roux

My thoughts on how the team is doing at this point are very good as we have only been togther for 1 and a half months and I feel the chemistry is there for anyone to see if you watch our games. We have good comms and good team work and we all want to do really well and take this thing as far as we can, I feel that when we play we always give 100% and focus really hard to win every official / pcw we play in and so far it seems to be paying off so long may it continue.

By UK haNz in General on Sunday 13 November @ 14:12
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New TCT Website Launched!

Welcome to the new Website,

Well as the title explains this is the official website for Tactical Chaos Team, it is currently under construction and needs quite alot of work so give it time and it will be up and running at full speed

Do try and use the website as much as possible, this is what it is here for. Results, News and a good place to chill out + express opinions.

Hope you all enjoy the site!


By UK haNz in General on Sunday 13 November @ 14:02
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i44 Online Qualifier: Winners

(Directly from Cadred)

The latest qualifier hosted by Multiplay, for their fast approaching i44 CS:S tournament, boasted well over 200 teams from across the continent, each of them hoping to secure free tickets for the event and the direct qualification into the elimination stages. All of the big names took part but there were some serious upsets in the early stages of the tournament, with both eSahara and apeX dumped out of the tournament by unknown opponents. By the end of the second day though most of the dead-weight had been eliminated and only the big names remained.

Fighting for a spot in the grand final was DSRack and mTw/Rasta mix-team Is Rolling, in the other semi final was the former LDLC team and German challengers mousesports. DSRack put up a hell of a fight but in the end the Brits proved too much for them and secured the first set of tickets for i44. Joining them in the grand final was the Germans of mousesports who picked up an emphatic victory over their French rivals, winning 2-0. Both teams will now be guaranteed entry to i44 and both teams will bypass the group stage.

Winners: Is Rolling and Mousesports.

By UK haNz in General on Sunday 13 November @ 14:00
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New Zblock Released

The announcement was made earlier by the man simply known as J3di, who is now working with Valve directly on the game.
Especially for you guys here is the changelog from v4.65:

-There is a fixed compatibility issues following the 07/11/11 game update.
-Added "zb_dramaticheadshots" (default: 0) - Enables oldschool classic style headshot ragdolls
-Fixed "zb_fadetoblack" so it now slowly fades out sound in sync
with the screen slowly becoming black, the reactivates sound when a team-mate is spectated.
-added a simple competitive server cfg file "zb_comp.cfg" in the download package.

Just a small explanation on "zb_dramaticheadshots", this is recreation of the CS1.6 style animations using the improved physics of the Source Engine. It was added for a bit of fun as i always thought this was a cool effect.

The competitive server config has a recommended zBlock config for your matches and some rate suggestions (as many people requested i give my opinions on these). It also includes few cvar settings we're testing which should improve competitive play, these are:
-sv_clockcorrection_msecs 0
-host_times_spin_ms 2

By UK haNz in General on Sunday 13 November @ 13:56
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